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Who Is Advan Carbon?

Established in early 2004, the directors of Advan Carbon Technologies have roots as broad enthusiasts of the Domestic, European, and Japanese car tuning industries. Specializing in carbon fiber products and the innovation of carbon fiber technology, Advan Carbon has the capability of making wet-laid, vacuum bag, vacuum infusion, light RTM, and even dry carbon parts. The company has been working very closely in developing products together with a number of different automakers and tuner specialists. Advan Carbon Technologies continues to develop quality carbon fiber products for car enthusiasts while also offering private label programs for the automotive market.

Advan Carbon is the leading retailer of high-quality carbon fiber body kits and components, including hoods, fenders, spoilers, wings, trunks, and more! The parts come in standard black 2x2 twill weave with a glossy clear coat only; however, other options are available on most products.

Ultimate Commitment to High Quality

Advan Carbon focuses on producing the highest quality parts that boast advanced technology, efficiency, reliability, exceptional performance, and longevity. Advan Carbon Technologies is unrivaled when it comes to manufacturing the best carbon fiber automotive racing products on the market. The company boasts a stringent quality control and inspection process for every product before it reaches the market. In other words, each individual part must be tested and receive grade AAA quality before leaving the factory. Advan Carbon Technologies will give a full refund if the purchased product does not fit properly. 

Advan Carbon prides itself on the craftsmanship of U.S.-made products using all American-made materials. All of its products are crafted using only aerospace-grade "AAA" carbon material derived directly from well-known American carbon manufacturers. With decades of experience, Advan Carbon Technologies is able to offer the widest selection of custom colors using the world’s most technologically advanced materials. The brand uses materials like Kevlar, Zylon, Carbon, and Aramid, which were only used by the aerospace, military, NASA, and Formula 1 racing industries. Advan Carbon takes great pride in being the first in the market to utilize such top-grade materials for cosmetic use on regular street vehicles. 

Purchase Advan Carbon at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance and aerodynamics, then Advan Carbon is a top choice. Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of Advan Carbon products made from carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiber-reinforced plastic with color options that include black, yellow, Kevlar, and unfinished. We offer Advan Carbon headlight eyelids and eyebrows, doors, fenders, hoods, grille kits, scoops/vents, spoilers, wings, and trunks. To learn more about Advan Carbon or any of its products, please give our specialized sales team a call at (480) 966-3040

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