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Who is Airaid?

Airaid is an aftermarket company that manufactures air filters and air intake systems for various vehicles. Founded in 1997, their filters are designed to work in any kind of environment, may it be the sand dunes, mud bogs, snowy slopes, and other harsh terrains. 

Their filters are not just used for offroading purposes but at the race track as well. You can see it being used by various drag cars and track cars too. Over the years, Airaid has established itself as a company that provides top quality products and has since become a leader in its market segment.

Engines Need to Breathe Too

Like humans, your car engine needs to properly breathe as well. Imagine running with your nose clogged. Hard isn’t it? That goes the same for your engine. 

A clogged air intake system would not just hinder the engine but might cause some unnecessary damage as well. Airaid aims to provide a better solution to these by creating products that would help restrict airflow.

Continuous Research for Innovation

Airaid has always pushed itself to find better ways on how to improve an engine’s airflow. They have created products such as throttle body spacers that complements their high-performance air intake systems. 

Their own air filters dubbed Synthaflow and Synthamax are proven to be more efficient against its competitors. The company is committed to providing the best product that they have created a special team known as the H-PAS Development Team. This team focuses on High-Performance Air Systems.

Purchase Airaid at Vivid Racing

Don’t restrict your vehicle’s full potential and upgrade your vehicle’s air intake system with Airaid. Designed to perform, you know that you have a product that helps your vehicle’s performance. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list suitable for your needs.