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Who is AJK Offroad?

AJK Offroad specializes in creating aftermarket offroad parts for different four-wheeled vehicles. It was founded by Aaron Klosterman, who has been involved in offroading at a young age. Honing his skills throughout the years, he conceptualized, researched, and designed his own parts, and gave birth to the company we all know today.

Humble Beginning

The company is not like the mainstream brand that already had the resources every other company would be the envy of. He initially sold his creation to his family and friends, but due to the quality of the craftsmanship, word spread out like wildfire, and the rest is what we say history.

Manufactured in the USA

All of AJK Offroad products are 100% made in the USA. This helps them control and maintain the quality of products and keep the cost at bay, resulting in a tough product that is affordable for everyone.

Continuous Improvement

The company has always strived to give the best products. Hence they continuously conduct research and development to provide the best for their customers. This also allows them to cope up with the ever-changing technology in the vehicles today.

Purchase AJK Offroad Parts at Vivid Racing

AJK Offroad offers a lot list of parts for the automotive industry. Ranging from brackets, suspension parts, roll cages, clamps, mirrors, and more.  They have a complete list of parts that could help any offroader create an offroad vehicle with all the bell and whistles. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of products for your needs.