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Who is American Racing Wheels?

True to their brand slogan "American Racing is never idle," the company has continuously developed exciting, new products to keep up with the ever-changing world of motorsports. 

The company was established in 1956 and did not stop innovating since then. American Racing Wheels' decades of experience will surely give you the perfect wheels for your need, whether for racing or just for show.

From the then famous magnesium wheels to their new forged line, American Racing Wheels have always worked with precision and strength in mind. 

If you want 100% US-made wheels, then their forged line is the one for you. The 6061 forged aluminum can be custom-built to your preferred size, even the finish, and style.

World-Class Facility 

American Racing Wheels' world-class facility makes it possible for them to create endless designs for their aluminum wheels, that is why it is the most popular wheels of choice. They use different methods to develop these forged aluminum wheels, and each method has its advantages over the other.

Changing the World of Motor Sports

American Racing Wheels' iconic Torq Thrust is among the top speed parts to have changed the motorsports world. Its simple, lightweight, 5-spoke design is and still one of the most sought-after wheel designs even after more than 60 years in the market. Because of its popularity and performance, Torq Thrust is considered to be the most imitated wheel design to date.

Purchase American Racing Wheels at Vivid Racing

Whether you are a street rod or a hot rod kind of guy, you will never go wrong with American Racing Wheels. Vivid Racing provides you with a list of their products varying from vintage to modern wheel types. Visit our site, and you can check out their high-performance product offerings specific to your needs.