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Who is AMS Performance?

AMS Performance is an aftermarket tuning company that was established back in 2001. The company’s original founders used to work with Mustangs and have created some of the fastest 2.3L Ford Mustangs back then. 

With the decline of the 2.3 Fords, the company shifted in tuning Mitsubishi’s 4g63 engines, and the rest is history. Today, AMS is considered to be among the top tuning brand in the market and has produced high-performance parts for vehicles such as the Mitsubishi EVO, Subaru, Porsche 911, and the Nissan GTR.

When Stock isn’t Fun Anymore

The company is known for creating parts that would be able to produce 10 times more horsepower compared to stock. They offer parts such as turbo kits, manifolds, intercoolers, and other performance parts for different Japanese and German Vehicles. With their extensive research and development, along with on hand track experiences, they are able to produce cars that go beyond 1000 horsepower.

Quality in Every Product

It is AMS’s goal to provide its customers with the best value of a product for their money. Being second best has never been an option for the company as they continuously try to improve itself and create products that are superior to its competitors.

Purchase AMS Products at Vivid Racing

In today’s competitive world, to be the best, you need to have the best and AMS never fails to deliver. They have consistently created high-performing parts for all its customers who seek to have the best performance upgrade in their car. With a variety of products to choose from, you will definitely find what you need with AMS Performance. Visit Vivid Racing and check out what the company has to offer.