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Anderson Composites

There is a seemingly endless amount of upgrades you can make to your car to improve its performance. One such upgrade is a composite hood. Anderson Composites specializes in composite hoods, offering drivers high-quality products that can drastically improve performance. Not only that, but Anderson performance products also include Anderson composites spoilers, fenders, motorsports products, and much more. Vivid Racing is an official partner with Anderson Composites, giving our customers access to the very best composite hoods on the market.

What Is Anderson Composites?

Anderson Composites specializes in fiberglass and carbon fiber components for late-model domestic makes and models. They manufacture each and every one of their products with the utmost attention to detail and only use top-grade materials for a quality product you can trust. Their extensive manufacturing experience allows Anderson Composites to construct everything from hoods, trunk lids, spoilers, side rockers, lip kits, to more complex pieces like doors in both fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Their research and development team understands that the foundation for performance starts with how a product is made. Anderson Composites take pride in their innovative and cutting-edge production process that makes the possibilities endless. Anyone could lay a cloth of fiberglass or carbon fiber, but not everyone has the experience and ability to manipulate the cloth or use the right amount of material in such a way as to work with intricate shapes and sizes. This type of production process is extremely difficult to reproduce, but Anderson performance products all feature this level of specificity and quality.

Anderson Composites takes pride in having the ability to take something raw such as fiberglass and carbon material and turn into a product that is lightweight, functional, and looks good.

What Type of Anderson Composites Hood Do We Carry?

Vivid Racing carries a number of different Anderson composites hood varieties, allowing customers to pick the hood that best fits their needs. More specifically, we offer both carbon fiber composites and fiberglass composites. Below, learn the differences between the two different types of hoods.

Carbon Fiber Composites Hood

An Anderson Composites hood made of carbon fiber is very lightweight, increasing the top speed of your vehicle. Despite the relatively low weight, carbon fiber is incredibly durable and strong, making it more resistant to dents and decay over time. Finally, a carbon fiber composite hood adds a distinct sense of style to your car, allowing you to stand out from the pack.

Fiberglass Composites Hood

Fiberglass composites hoods are also incredibly lightweight, although they may not be quite as strong as a carbon fiber hood. Fiberglass also offers a unique look, allowing for lots of customization to get the design you desire.

Anderson Composites Hood and Other Products From Vivid Racing

Get your car an Anderson Composites hood or other products from Vivid Racing today. Anderson Composites has built a reputation for providing products of the very highest quality that are extremely durable and reliable. If you are interested in learning more about the Anderson performance or Anderson motorsports products we carry, contact Vivid Racing today by calling (480) 966-3040.