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Who is AVS Wheels?

AVS is a wheel design series made by Advan Racing Wheels.

Advan Racing is a well-known brand for manufacturing top quality rims for the aftermarket industry. It provides car enthusiasts with rims that improve both the performance and aesthetic value of vehicles. Advan has numerous design series that have their own distinct style and among them is AVS. 

Today, the company continues to dominate the rims aftermarket industry as they are the go-to brand by multiple racing teams and tuners worldwide.

From Sporty to Race-Inspired Rims

The company has proven itself as the leading rim provider in the market. AVS adds that sporty yet classy design on the vehicle while still have the capability to perform well on the track. These wheels are proven on the race track not only in Japan but all over the globe. Because of its success, it has become the OEM equipment of well-known brands such as Bentley, AUDI, AMG, and Porsche.

Strong and Reliable Rims

AVS Wheels are known for being lightweight and highly reliable. They were able to achieve this by using a variety of wheel manufacturing methods such as spin forging, mold form forging, and flow form casting.

Form and Function

Another reason why AVS Wheels have captured the attention of a lot of car enthusiasts is because of its design. Not only do the products perform well on the track, but it also gives that modern and aggressive look that most street cars of today are going after. 

All their rims have been carefully cut to reduce weight without compromising its structural integrity. They also design it to be able to ventilate the brakes. 

Purchase AVS Wheels at Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality rims that are track-oriented but must have that appeal of a streetcar, then AVS Wheels by Advan are for you. 

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