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Who is Bando?

Bando is a manufacturing company that supplies a wide variety of belts in different industries such as the industrial and automotive sectors. Their history can be traced back to Meiji Era in Japan and initially produced power transmission belts which greatly helped in the country’s advance in industrialization. They introduce rubber and elastomer as the base material for their belts at the time when leather was the previous material used. By introducing new material, they were able to lower the cost which helped the economy. Today, Bando is considered the leading supplier of power transmission belts in the world.

Helping Shape The Automotive Industry

During the early 80s, the introduction of CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission System is being considered by various automakers. Bando has helped shaped the way CVTs are made by introducing an alternative for metal belts. By using a composite material, they were able to produce belts that are more flexible and can provide higher fuel efficiency. Bando created a special composite belt that would replace the previous metal belts of CVTs. Their belts are stronger, more durable, and flexible and are what the current CVT belts are made of.

Purchase Bando Belts At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality belts for your vehicle, then Bando is the brand for you. They have belts that come in different styles and sizes that would practically fit any application you require. To know more about Bando, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific need.