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Who is BBK Performance?

BBK Performance is an aftermarket company that was established in 1988. They specialize in creating performance parts for muscle cars and was founded by Brian and Ken Murphy. They were the first to design and manufacture an aftermarket air intake system and performance throttle bodies for the fuel-injected 5.0 Mustang and TPI Camaros. 

Today they have expanded their offering to a wider range of vehicles catering to other modern cars and trucks as well and with more performance parts such as exhaust systems, suspension parts, and more.

Experienced Manufacturer

BBK has been developing and manufacturing performance parts for over 20 years and has used that gathered knowledge to improve their products. Their parts are considered as high standards and are comparable, if not better to the Original Factory parts.

Ease of Installation

The company ensures that its clients would have a hassle-free experience from purchase to installation. Hence, all their products are a direct bolt on to the vehicle. It also comes with a comprehensive installation manual and all the necessary hardware needed for the install.

Continuously Growing

The company initially started in a 1200 square feet building in Southern California. Today, they have grown to a 200,000 Sq ft facility that houses their own research and development center with a built-in dynamometer and state-of-the-art manufacturing pieces of machinery. The company also employs the industry's leading craftsmen, making sure that their customers would only get the best product for their money.

Purchase BBK Products at Vivid Racing

If you are in search for top-notch performance parts for your vehicle, then check out BBK Performance. They carry a long list of parts that would fit most modern vehicles today. Visit Vivid Racing and see what BBK has to offer. You will surely find the right parts for your specific needs.