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Why You Should Have Paint Protection

Paint protection is a transparent film made of durable, waterproof, and weatherproof polyurethane with an adhesive backrest that adheres easily and securely to high-impact automotive surfaces, creating a barrier between painting and hardened elements. These films provide a layer of virtually invisible protection without altering the esthetics of the vehicle. Designed to ensure excellent outdoor performance, uncompromising, impact-resistant clear films withstand high temperatures, exposure to UV light, moisture, and salt spray without yellowing, cracking or bubbling. With paint protection films, you have a valuable defense against nicks, scratches, and minor abrasions that may give your pride and joy an unsightly look

Paint protection films are one of the excellent maintenance products that can often be overlooked but are still handy when it comes to preserving the showroom quality finish of your valuable investment. A long-lasting clear bar can be applied anywhere on the body of your car where the paint is most vulnerable to damage. You can strengthen your car's front protection against stone chips, stains, acid bug splashes, tree sap, bird drops, road tar, and harsh outdoor weathering that can damage or etch the paint by applying a film to your hood or front bumper. Or you can use the film behind door handles, on rocker panels, fenders, side mirrors, or any other exposed area that needs protection

Why You Should Purchase Paint Protection at Vivid Racing

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