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What is BRAUM Racing?

When it comes to performance driving, making your car go fast is not the only upgrade you need to do. In order for you to get that proper experience. you also need to have the right seats that would do the job and BRAUM Racing can provide you all of that.

Stock seats are designed to give you comfort during long rides. But when it comes to a more spirited driving, you need to upgrade to seats that would secure you in position. This will help you achieve that proper driving posture. It allows you to control your vehicle better while keeping you safe.

BRAUM Racing is leading the motorsports industry with its variety of top-grade racing seats, harnesses, harness bars, seat brackets, and other accessories. Since its inception, the BRAUM name has become synonymous with utmost style, quality, functionality, and affordability.

The BRAUM Racing Solution

When the founders of BRAUM sought out to impact the world of motorsports, it only took a brief glance to notice a gap in the market: seats. There were a few products that struck a balance between price and quality when it comes to racing seats and other motorsports safety equipment.

With more than two decades of experience in automotive retail and a passion for race cars, the pair set out to create their own line of racing equipment that could meet the needs of petrolheads everywhere – BRAUM Racing. 

Each product in BRAUM’s lineup was manufactured to give enthusiasts the safety, performance, and peace of mind they need to succeed both on and off the track. All of BRAUM Racing’s products are designed, assembled, and thoroughly inspected in the United States. This gurantess that it conforms to stringent safety standards. It also allows them to provide high quality products and get the same results everytime. 

The BRAUM Racing Philosophy

BRAUM Racing always prioritizes function over form and each product should perform for a very long time. This doesn't mean that they compromise the looks of their products as they value aesthetics, too. 

Their seats comes in various styles and finish perfect for any personal preference their customers might have. That’s why BRAUM products come in a variety of quality materials like leatherette and suede, as well as in a plethora of gorgeous colors. This philosophy, along with BRAUM’s deep passion for cars, racing, and people, keep the brand at the forefront of motorsports innovation. The BRAUM Racing line was thoughtfully developed to meet the most demanding expectations of automotive enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Find BRAUM Racing at Vivid Racing

BRAUM Racing seats are great for anyone who is looking to improve the appearance of their car’s interior, while also enhancing the comfort and convenience of their seats. BRAUM seats boast a combination of timeless styling cues and advanced technology to make them the ideal choice for complete satisfaction, no matter the application. To know more about them or if you have any questions regarding BRAUM products, or need help finding a particular seat, please call Vivid Racing at (480) 966-3040.