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About Classic Instruments

Classic Instruments is a company dealing in the manufacture of gauges for vehicles. They are located in Boyne City, Michigan, United States of America. They have been in the limelight for their innovative products for 37 years now. They are the first and only company that uses micro-chip technology along with electrical instruments. The price range varies for different styles of products. They claim to not compromise on their quality.

Classic Instruments Mission Statement

The company is on a mission to provide vintage-style gauges to its customers. They are providing high-quality gauges which provide a seamless and rich experience to the buyers. Constant innovation and betterment are one of their missions while running the company towards the road to success. They are on a mission to remain the leaders in their respective industries and provide full services to their employees and company.

Classic Instruments Product Line

The first product catalog of Classic Instruments was released in 1978 that is termed as the original classic series by them. In the year 1980, their first speedometer comprising of electric adjustability was introduced. After a couple of years was the year when mechanical speedometers were discontinued. In 1987, the first-ever programmable electric speedometer was unveiled. since then the success story is continuously growing and the company was able to achieve a lot of awards for its contribution to the industry. In 2021, Classic Instruments release a full cluster set for vintage ford cars. The company has been continuously paving the road to success by their innovative unique ideas and perfect quality products.

Classic Instruments at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing is honored to be the distributor of their products on our website. You can find their individual gauges, direct-fit gauge sets, and universal gauge sets in various sizes and model.