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Who is Competition Clutch?

Competition Clutch is considered one of the most successful clutch companies in the aftermarket industry. They specialize in creating clutches for sport compact assemblies to full race setups. They are currently being used by the majority of the racers worldwide due to the quality and performance gain they receive from their products.

Record-Setting Vehicles

Competition Clutch aims to provide the best clutch out there, and as a testament, they have been part of creating some of the fastest cars in the world today. Their clutch packages have enabled these cars to reach record-breaking speed and quarter-mile times unheard of before and was thought impossible to reach.

Quality in Each Product

Competition Clutch ensures that they create a product that does not only perform well but are durable enough to take the abuse - even from high horsepower vehicles. There are vehicles reaching over 1000 horsepower that uses Competition Clutch, and the clutches could handle it very well. This is why they are a trusted brand by numerous racers and tuners everywhere.

Purchase Competition Clutch From Vivid Racing

Competition Clutch has proven itself to be the market leader when it comes to manufacturing clutches. They offer different kinds of clutches ranging from OEM replacement clutches to stage 4 clutches. They also have multi-disk clutches that can handle the insanely high horsepower and lightened flywheels to match. If you are in search of a clutch that would not let you down, then Competition Clutch is the brand for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of Competition Clutch products suitable for your specific needs.