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Who is Competion Werkes?

Competition Werkes is not like any other company that started big. It started in a small garage of Ward Mckee in Paramount, California, way back in 1984. He was into dirt track racing and he needed a secondary source of income to fund his hobby. Hence, he decided to create custom parts for his bike.

He decided to remove the rear fender of his sportbike to give it a better look. Soon afterward, his “Eliminator Kit” is being sold all around the country and being bought by multiple enthusiasts everywhere.

From then on, the business just grew bigger, and the company expanded by offering a wider range of products, such as exhaust systems. Today, their products are being distributed all around the globe, and is set at a 12000 square feet facility in Oregon. 

All of their products are done in-house. This allows Competition Werke to ensure standard quality and to fine-tune all the details of their products. The company has become a household name when it comes to motorcycle performance parts. But, they are more recognized for their fender eliminator kit and exhaust products.

Purchase Competition Werkes at Vivid Racing

If motorcycles are your thing and you want to improve the way it looks, sounds and performs, look no further as Competition Werkes has the right parts for you. Built someone who shares the same passion when it comes to motorcycle, Competition Werkes understands what you need and want. Therefore, that is what they try to give. They have been in the business for years and has established itself as a brand that everyone can trust. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific requirement.