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Who is Cooper Tires?

Cooper Tires is an American company that manufactures tires for different vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The company is based in Findlay, Ohio, and was founded back in 1960. The company has since manufactured tires designed for the street and for high-performance racing applications. Today, Cooper Tires are distributed all over the globe and are being used by a lot of vehicles everywhere.

Cooper Tires has been manufacturing tires for decades and is considered one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world - joining the ranks of Fortune 500 companies.  Fortune 500 are 500 of the most profitable companies in the US. 

The company has surpassed a lot of challenges including World War II. After the war, the company picked itself up and continued selling tires for the commercial market.

Not Just For The Street

Cooper Tires offers wheels for every occasion. They have wheels designed for the street which could handle the abuse of daily driving. They also have off-road tires designed for those who want to take a path less taken. Lastly, they also have tires specifically designed for racing.  

They have participated in various racing disciplines such as Formula One, Formula 2, and Rallycross championship.

Their tires performed above what is expected, resulting in race winners from different racing classes. Because of their success, they have become the brand of choice of racers all around.

Purchase Cooper Tires at Vivid Racing

When choosing the right tire, one must consider its reliability as your safety depends on it. If you want a tire brand that you can put your life on, then Cooper Tires is the brand for you. With 100 years of experience, they were able to perfect their product and produce tires that perform well and are safe to use. They offer tires in different variations, sizes, and specifications depending on the vehicle. 

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