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As an alternative to expensive OEM cylinders or the time-consuming process of re-plating existing cylinders, Cylinder Works provides enthusiasts with a complete line of OEM-quality dirt bike and ATV replacement cylinder kits in standard and big bore sizes. Additionally, Cylinder Works boosts horsepower with a full line of high-compression and large bore cylinder kits that look like stock but are not. Each kit includes the piston, rings, and gaskets necessary to quickly return to the trail or track.


Cylinder Works cylinders are new, not remanufactured, cast aluminum, nickel silicon carbide (NSC) electroplated stock bore cylinders that look and perform identically to OEM cylinders. NSC is a nickel and silicon carbide composite material that provides an excellent wear resistant surface with oil retention properties. Cylinders are then shaped perfectly to the precise bore dimension and finish required for proper ring seal and oil retention. The OEM-style stock bore cylinder kit is complete with hand-matched forged Vertex pistons and top-end gaskets. These kits provide a consistent output of standard horsepower. The OEM-style cast aluminum replacement cylinder head comes complete with cam caps and cam cap bolts. With a blended bowl and competition valve job, an unshrouded combustion chamber improves airflow. Ports with a stock shape perform better. The nickel/aluminum valve seats and guides on the C630 are kinder to the valve, resulting in less wear. Reduced valve guides accommodate high-lift cams for increased torque and power. The valves, springs, retainers, and lifters are sold separately.

Additionally, the Vertex pistons feature unique piston profiles and compression ratios and are available in sizes A, B, C, and D. Each Vertex piston is then hand-matched to fit perfectly inside each Cylinder Works cylinder. Vertex's gasket kit includes all of the gaskets required to rebuild your top end. The kit includes head, base, and exhaust gaskets, as well as O-rings for when the cylinder and head are removed for routine maintenance. Moreover, the CNC machined, to exacting tolerances, power valves are hard anodized for superior wear resistance. These features contribute to increased performance and service life. The larger bore version provides adequate clearance for the larger piston. All the products are made in the United States of America.


Their product line features standard bore cylinders, standard bore cylinder kits, big bore cylinder kits, cylinder heads kits, power valve kits, standard bore gasket kits, standard bore cylinder kits with high compression kits, big bore gasket kits, and many more.


The products of Cylinder Works included in Vivid Racing are: top end gasket sets, seals, replacement pistons, standard bore cylinder kits, big bore cylinder kits, replacement cylinder heads, stroker kits, and valves.