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Who is DeatschWerks?

DeatschWerks is a company that specializes in producing high-performance fuel system solution. The company is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was founded in 2004. They initially offered drop-in fitment injectors which later on expanded to high-pressure fuel pumps and other fuel system related components. 

Today, the company has extended its reach worldwide offering its products in places such as Australia, the UK, Japan, and the rest of Asia.

The company creates its products in-house in their 36000 square feet facility that houses all the company’s functions. This includes design, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, and administration. This also helps the company control and maintain its high level of standard.

DeatschWerks offers a wide range of fuel system related product, such as injectors, inline fuel pumps, modular surge tanks, conversion fuel rails, dual stage fuel filters, and fuel pressure regulators. With over 500 SKU for different vehicles like sport compacts, modern muscle cars, and euro vehicles, they definitely have the right product for any vehicle in the market.

Purchase DeatschWerks Products at Vivid Racing

Your vehicle needs fuel to run and it needs a properly working fuel system for it to work properly. If you want to have a fuel system that you could rely on, then DeatschWerks is the right brand for you. They are a customer-oriented company and their goal is to provide their customers with a concrete solution. Plus, they help keep your vehicle work flawlessly on the road. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of their products that would fit your specific requirement.