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Who Is Detroit Speed?

Cars are initially designed to transport people faster from point A to B. But as the years go by, people started tinkering on their cars to make it quicker and perform better. Over the years the aftermarket industry has boomed and offered tons of performance products to the automotive industry. Detroit Speed is one of the few companies that offer the best parts in the market.

Detroit Speed is an aftermarket company that specializes in providing high-performance parts for various American cars. They offer different suspension and differential parts that are an upgrade over the stock factory unit. Today, they have become one of the favorite brands of many American car enthusiasts and tuners worldwide.

Quality Products

Each part that leaves its facility is a testament to how devoted the company is to manufacturing its products. They spend numerous hours developing and testing their components to ensure that everything performs the way it is designed. Over the years, they have developed innovative parts that adapt to the ever-changing trend of the automotive industry.

100% Made In The USA

All of Detroit Speed parts are manufactured in the USA. It allows them to create superior products that consistently meet the demands of their customers. With the help of their engineers and highly skilled fabricators, they are able to develop long-lasting and dependable products. 

They also utilize the most advanced and latest technology in manufacturing their parts, such as CNC machines, hydroforming, and forging. By utilizing their experience and taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer, they are able to provide the best product.

Purchase Detroit Speed Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for quality parts that would help bring your classic muscle car in the 21st century, then Detroit Speed is the brand for you. Their products are often used in various car shows, competitive racing, and various motorsport disciplines. It allows muscle cars to perform and handle like the modern vehicles of today. To know more about Detroit Speed, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.