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Who is Dobinsons?

Dobinson is a company that specializes in producing suspension parts, mainly leaf and coil springs setups, particularly those from SUVs or offroading vehicles. The company was established in 1953 and has been providing quality parts for more than 70 years. 

Today, they have become one of the market leaders in Australia and is continuously growing by expanding its reach worldwide.

Dobinsons is considered the largest source of 4x4 suspension parts. Known for its quality and durability, it has become the brand of choice by enthusiasts who want to improve their suspension system. They have over 13000 spring specifications in their inventory, which are all designed through the use of the latest computerized software and technology. This allows them to produce professional and accurate end products.

Dobinson is located at a 4000 square meter facility that serves as their manufacturing hub and inventory warehouse. They offer a wide range of parts such as coil springs, torsion bars, leaf springs, Shackle kits, shock absorbers, U bolts, Centre bolts, polyurethane bushings, castor wedges, and other 4x4 accessories.

Purchase Dobinsons Products at Vivid Racing

If you want to have a suspension system that could work well in any condition, may it be for daily driving or a weekend excursion off the road, then Dobinson is the right brand for you. Their products are designed to work better than stock and allow you to perform your offroading duties worry-free. With a variety of suspension parts to choose from, Dobinsons would have the right product for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of parts that would fit your specific needs and vehicles.