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Who is Dub Wheels? 

To date, Dub Wheels is known to house the largest selection of spinners and custom designs. They now have 14 North American distribution centers. This is proof of their growth and authority in the market. 

Top Quality 

The company ensures that all its products pass a stringent quality test. That way, all their customers will be truly satisfied. 

Wide Selection 

You can get One Piece Rims, ideal for your trucks and SUVs. Likewise, you can purchase Spinners with custom finishing options. If you want something more radical, then choose Skirts from Dub Wheels. 

They also have unique steering wheels and grilles available for you. 


Dub Wheels are also easy on the pocket. That’s precisely the reason why many vehicle owners would rather get from their line. And again, you would not have to worry about its quality.  

Excellent Customer Service 

Apart from its outstanding line of products, Dub Wheels has an amazing customer service. You can send your inquiries online, and they will respond via email. 

Take note though that for warranties, you must reach out to your authorized retailer or installers. Make sure that you deal with authorized dealers to avoid further problems. 

Purchase Dub Wheels at Vivid Racing 

If you are searching for the right set of wheels for your vehicles, then one of the best choices is Dub Wheels. For years, they have provided optimum products to their customers. But don’t take our word for it. Find it out for yourself. Check out the list of products from Vivid Racing.