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Dymag banner with McLaren 720s and upclose shot of carbon fiber wheel

Who is Dymag?

Dymag has been building performance wheels for cars and motorcycles since the 1970s. Their heritage revolves around racing at the highest level including F1, Indy Car, Le Mans, GT Racing, Touring Racing, MotoGP, and more. For decades they’ve building some of the best carbon hybrid and Monoblock racing wheels on the market. Their wheels are used by some of the most winning racing teams in the world.

Aside from aftermarket wheels, Dymag also has a strong focus on building OEM wheels. They were the first company to offer a 3-spoke magnesium racing motorcycle wheel, and they were the first company to manufacture carbon composite wheels for motorcycles and cars certified for road and race use. Combining over 40 years of racing history allows Dymag to produce some of the best wheels on the automotive aftermarket.

Why Choose Dymag?

The world of aftermarket wheels is full of companies who claim to offer quality products for the street and the track. However, few aftermarket companies offer the decades of racing experience Dymag has. Design and materials are really what sets Dymag apart from the rest.

Design and Construction

With decades of experience, Dymag has seen every trend and change in the design and construction of performance wheels. They’ve been at the cutting edge of design since their inception, taking data gathered from all forms of racing to design the strongest and lightest wheels possible.

They were the first to develop carbon fiber motorcycle wheels back in 1996, and to this day their designs are trusted by racers and OEMs all over the world. Dymag Carbon Hybrid wheels have been used by OEMs such as the Koenigsegg, Mosler, BAC, Fisker, and many others.


As you might imagine, the type of material used when constructing a wheel is incredibly important. The wrong blend of aluminum or magnesium can jeopardize the strength and integrity of the wheel. For carbon fiber, the quality of the material is paramount.

For their latest BOXSTROM Barrel, Dymag worked with the UK National Composites Center to create the best carbon material possible. The BOXSTROM barrel successfully achieved over 2.5 million cycles on radial fatigue testing at loads up to 4,200lbs, which is close to three times as much load as a wheel experiences from the corner of a typical passenger vehicle.

Why Install Lightweight Wheels?

Dymag carbon fiber wheels

Everyone talks about the benefits of lightweight wheels, but no one explains how a lightweight wheel actually improves performance. The benefits of a lightweight include better turn in, better acceleration, better steering response, and better braking. This all revolves around rotational mass.

The heavier a wheel is, especially if the barrel is heavy, the more rotational mass your vehicle must deal with. With more rotational mass, the amount of energy needed to speed up, slow down, or turn the wheels is increased. Reducing the weight of the wheel reduces rotational mass, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to accelerate, brake, or turn. In the case of Dymag BX Elite Carbon Hybrid wheels, they’re typically 40% lighter than a standard cast aluminum wheel and 25% than an OEM forged wheel.

Product Trusted by Experts

Back in the 90s, Dymag wheels were used in several motorsports. This includes Paris Dakar rally, Le Mans 24hr race, Formula One, and Indycar. The most famous drivers can attest to the outstanding performance of their vehicles using Dymag.

Carbon Rims For the World’s Fastest Hypercars

Still not convinced that Dymag is for you? If you must know, they have created the carbon rims for hypercars. It’s a testimony of the high and precise engineering of this company. And since they are the industry leader, they were able to employ only the best professionals.

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For those who are searching for the best, then look no further. Dymag products are tested to withstand extreme conditions. You wouldn’t have to worry about its performance. If you want to see the full list of their offerings, check Vivid Racing and get yours depending on your requirements. You deserve only the best. Never settle for less and choose Dymag.