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Who Is ElringKlinger?

ElringKlinger is a world renowned brand and has always been a reliable partner to the automotive industry. They have provided various parts that apply to both gasoline and diesel powered engines. Today, they are considered as the frontrunners when it comes to cutting edge automotive technology.

Quality And Attention To Detail

The company is known for creating high quality sealing solutions that apply to a wide range of applications. Their seal is designed to withstand high temperatures and eliminates vibrations. These parts are designed with precision and accuracy to ensure that all products fit perfectly on the vehicle with tight tolerances.

Global Presence

ElringKlinger has its presence felt all over the globe with more than10,000 dedicated employees distributed to more than 45 facilities. This allows the company to deliver its products to its customers wherever they are. 

Innovative Products

The company focuses highly on its research and development which helps them find innovative ways to improve its products. This allows them to produce products that are up to date with the current technology and helps cement their position as the industry leader in their market segment.

Purchase ElringKlinger At Vivid Racing

If you want quality parts that you could depend on, then ElringKlinger is the brand for you. The company has a reputation for creating quality products that even industries other than the automotive use their parts. To know more about ElringKlinger, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.