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Escape Gear manufactures custom-fit, heavy-duty seat covers, accessories, and a variety of other vehicle protective equipment for different 4X4, Bakkie, Kombi, and SUV models. Protect your vehicle's seats, dashboards, transmission, and more with their selection of custom, high-quality products. Multiple automobile manufacturers have approved Escape Gear as a supplier, and the company has won multiple Supplier Awards. Escape Gear was founded in a garage in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, with four employees as a "pop-up" business. In 2006, the fledgling company was sold to new owners with a passion for the great outdoors. The company directors have excelled in trans-oceanic yachting, endurance mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, and were pioneers in the South African river rafting industry. Escape Gear quickly outgrew its first home and relocated to larger industrial premises in the southern suburbs of Cape Town due to its passion for the outdoors, the need for durable products that can withstand such environments, and a focus on customer service, quality, and value. Over the years, the company's people, processes, and products have grown in strength. Adinah Capital Partners recently acquired a majority stake in Escape Gear. Escape Gear will be represented as a company that respects the dignity and duty of the people first and the nations in which it operates.


Their 3D scanning technology utilizes structured light projection and recording and has a point accuracy of up to 0.1mm. This data is used to generate a 3D geometric reconstruction of any vehicle's seats, consoles, and floor wells. These 3D scans are then aligned, joined, and processed into a single layer that can be used to model the new pattern pieces. Once the 3D scans have been processed, the design department takes over. CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software is utilized to generate the 3D surfaces of individual panels that will be later flattened to create the pattern, and seam allowances and manufacturing-specific technical details are added. A detailed technical drawing is then created to serve as the pattern's specification sheet. The flattened pieces are then imported into a nesting program to generate the most cost-effective layout for that pattern. This technology enables them to reduce waste and increase efficiency. The company's Gerber Paragon is a computer-controlled, high-speed CNC cutting system designed to handle multiple layers of fabric, which provides enhanced efficiency that enables them to increase their output of cut parts, thereby decreasing lead times. This technology operates by directing a powerful laser through optical components. This laser is CNC-controlled to follow G-code generated to match the pattern's outlines. The laser beam then burns away the connecting fabric, which is then blown away by a compressor, leaving a precision-cut edge of high quality. This machine is utilized alongside their heat transfer and automated cycle stitching machines to precisely attach zippers, webbings, and challenging-to-manufacture facings. In the event of an accident, the airbags integrated into the seats of a vehicle must penetrate a specific seam on the seat covers. At Escape Gear, this technology is referred to as "Red Thread." This red thread safety seam must be strong enough to withstand normal conditions of stress while also ensuring the unrestricted, precise deployment of the airbag. Each safety seam is computer-controlled, meticulously monitored, and documented, including the parameters and processes of sewing.

The origination of their seat cover pattern employs 3D scanning technology followed by a 2D flattening procedure, where the digital pattern is then emailed to a computerized cutting machine. The pattern pieces are manually sorted, boxed, and transported to the machine room for sewing. The completed seat covers are then inspected for quality one last time before shipment. Their high-tech manufacturing process ensures the superior quality of their products, which are backed by a lifetime guarantee on seams and workmanship.


Their product line features seat covers, dash protectors, transmission covers, floor mats, spare wheel covers, barrel bags, and many more accessories.


The products of Escape Gear included in Vivid Racing are seat covers, saddle bags, trans covers, wheel covers, dash covers, and seat tidy.