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Extreme Turbo Systems or ETS, is a company founded in 2003 by a group of passionate automobile enthusiasts with the goal of breaking records. Extreme Turbo Systems designs and manufactures universal direct replacement air filters, blow-off valves, boost controllers, fabrication supplies, and silicone couplers and clamps. Additionally, they offer custom-built racing components that are capable of handling horsepower levels ranging from 50 to 1000, making them suitable for hard-core tuners and professional racers. Their components are subjected to rigorous testing on drag strips, standing miles, and a variety of other forms of racing. Their specialization is intercoolers, and they offer a wide selection for nearly every platform. If you're looking to boost your horsepower, ETS offers the components to get you there.

Extreme Turbo Systems also offers turbocharging components such as exhaust manifolds, downpipes, intercoolers, exhaust systems, intake systems, and complete turbo kits. They are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and are market leaders in the Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru aftermarkets when it comes to making huge power. All products are manufactured to a high standard of quality and are 100% guaranteed.


Extreme Turbo Systems designs and manufactures all boost-related components, with a particular emphasis on high-horsepower performance improvements. The ETS universal air filters were developed by K & N specifically for use with ETS intake kits. They have washable cotton gauze elements that have been pre-oiled. Their blow-off valves are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum alloy for optimal durability, and they may be equipped with high-pressure O-rings and 2 psi springs for supercharged applications. The ETS exhaust turbine intake flanges are constructed of 304 stainless steel that is 12 inches thick. Additionally, their turbocharger package kits enable the devoted modder to improve configurations such as dual scroll, top mounted, and twin to single conversions, and include all the necessary installation components. Garrett, Precision Turbo, and Borg Warner are among the brands available.


The Extreme Turbo System product range includes silicone hose, mandrel bends, SS Clamps, turbocharger kits, intercoolers, piping, exhausts, engine management, intakes, flywheels, brake kits, blow off valves, and boost controllers.


The products of Extreme Turbo Systems included in Vivid Racing are air intake accessories, battery accessories, test pipes, catbacks, clutch discs, complete exhaust kits, downpipes, engine styling, exhaust gaskets, flywheels, hats, headers, hoses, intake kits, and many more.