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Who is Facet?

Facet is a company that is founded in 1946. They specialize in designing and manufacturing vehicle spare parts such as thermostats, sensors, switches, and ignition components. Today, they are one of the leading companies in their market segment.

Parts For Your Every Need

Facet provides one of the most comprehensive parts line up, offering 4500 products to a wide range of vehicle make whether its Japanese, European and Korean-made. For decades, the company has gained the trust of many enthusiasts and has supplied numerous automotive partners worldwide.

Experts In Their Field

The company is better known for its sensors. Modern vehicles of today rely on an electronic management system to control different functions. In order to efficiently monitor different parameters, it uses various sensors that help the ECU react accordingly to the needs of the vehicle. Facet produces these sensors that provide accurate readings that help the vehicle perform better and run efficiently.

They create products that are high in quality and perform better if not at par with the original factory component. The company only uses the best material possible and utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques in order to produce high precision products which is what these products needed.

Purchase Facet Products At Vivid Racing

If you are searching for quality spare parts for your vehicle and want a brand that you can trust, then Facet is the company for you. They have been creating top-notched products for decades and are used by various enthusiasts and professional mechanics all over the globe. To know more about Facet, visit Vivid Racing and check their list of products that would fit your specific needs.