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Who is FI Exhaust Systems?

FI Exhaust, also known as Frequency Intelligence Exhaust systems, is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality and performance components for supercar, sports car, and luxury applications. FI fabricates some of the most advanced systems on the market for premium vehicles that include Porsche, AMG, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. This is made possible by combining its many years of expertise blended with incredible modern technology.

Each individual exhaust system is intricately sound tuned and tested extensively to a specific frequency using the company’s own intelligent controller. The result? Maximum optimized performance that is music to your ears, literally, and ranges from a deep bass tone to a high-pitched Formula 1 note. From day one, FI’s research and development team have continued to engineer high-quality exhausts for petrolheads that crave a no-nonsense system that sounds incredible and boasts superior performance.

What Makes FI Exhaust Special?

FI Exhaust takes pride in knowing that every single exhaust component that comes from its facility is the fusion of the company’s unique design expertise mixed with its cutting-edge Valvetronic technology and built-in Intelligent Controller. It is truly the perfect combination of comfort and performance that will give drivers more smiles per mile.

Valvetronic Technology

Valvetronic exhaust systems first appeared in the 1960s in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other high-performance sports cars. This new technology was used to control airflow, volume, and enhance a vehicle’s overall performance. It was, therefore, possible for sports cars to boast high torque power at low rev speeds and larger horsepower numbers at even higher rev speeds.

The FI Exhaust team applies this innovative technology in all its products, which provide Valvetronic capabilities to all vehicles – even those not originally designed with them.

Operating The Valvetronic System

FI Valvetronic Exhaust Systems offer intelligent ECU exhaust valve control and focus on optimizing both acoustics and performance. When the valves are fully open, flow and power are maximized, emitting an exotic note and delivering higher performance. When the valves are closed, the volume is reduced for a more comfortable and low-profile cruise. What’s more, just one click on the remote control will setup any rpm to automatic mode. This enables the system to detect the engine rpm and intelligently switch between racing and comfort exhaust modes. Drivers can also choose to simply switch the valves on and off mode with the remote control when operating the vehicle.

FI Exhausts for Sale from Vivid Racing

If you are interested in getting your car equipped with an FI Exhaust, Vivid Racing can help. We carry a large selection of FI exhaust components and full systems that fit a wide range of vehicle applications. To learn more about FI Exhaust systems or to make a purchase, contact Vivid Racing by calling (480) 966-3040.