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Who is Fishbone Offroad? 

Fishbone Offroad is ideal for all Jeep owners around the globe. The team has more than 20 years of experience under their belt. Hence, you can always ensure premium quality. 

Built by Enthusiasts

The reason why Fishbone Offroad has become a favorite is that the people behind it are enthusiasts as well. Therefore, they know what the market wants because they are exactly the market. 

Various Parts and Accessories 

With Fishbone Offroad, you can get several parts and accessories for different models. You can purchase tail light covers, fire extinguisher holder, license plate bracket, front bumpers, shackles, rear bumpers, and a flashlight to name a few. 

Odd Name for a Company 

You probably wonder why such an odd name for a company that services mean machines. The reason is not profound but rather quite funny. The story behind it was a literal fishbone on top of their building. And it has since become an office joke. However, in terms of their products - it was never a joke as they always mean business. 

Worth It! 

While their products are not the cheapest in the market, you can ensure that everything is quality. And that is what you need to withstand extreme conditions. 

Purchase Fishbone Offroad at Vivid Racing 

If you wish to get premium accessories for your Jeep, Fishbone Offroad is one of the best choices. As it was built by passionate Jeep owners, you can never expect less. You can find the list of their products from Vivid Racing.