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Who is Forgestar?

With 30 years under its belt, Forgestar has already made a name for manufacturing one of the best wheels in the market. 

Values Customer Service 

Forgestar has always put customer satisfaction in mind first. They always want to provide their clients with the option to choose the right set of wheels based on their exact needs. 

Revolutionizing the Aftermarket Wheels Industry

Forgestar is known to introduce a new way to manufacture rims. They are the first to utilize a process known as "Rotary Forging." It is a process where the rims are subjected to extreme pressure while simultaneously rotating it at high speed. Let us have a quick overview of the process.

During this procedure, the rim flows down, creating a full rim width with a use of a mandrel. The pressure is then applied to the cast rim, which then changes its mechanical properties. This is similar to what is happening in a forging process. It creates a lighter wheel that is around 15% less compared to a standard cast wheel. The technological breakthrough has enabled Forgestar to create a wheel with both the properties of a cast and forge wheel without sacrificing the pros of the other.

Purchase Forgestar at Vivid Racing

Forgestar has been the wheel of choice by car enthusiasts and racing professionals. If you are looking for outstanding performance without sacrificing their reliability, this is the right option. Get your own set of Forgestar wheels right now by visiting Vivid Racing. Check out their list of products that are suitable for your needs.