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Fragola Performance Systems is a market leader in the development and manufacture of fluid transfer devices for high-performance automotive and racing applications. Fragola Performance Systems' reusable PTFE hose ends for Real Street will assist you in completing your vehicle plumbing projects. They have a unique double-swivel design that enables post-installation clock adjustment. Hose ends come in a number of sizes, styles, and angles to accommodate your plumbing requirements. The Fragola Real Street reusable PTFE hose ends are made of aerospace-grade aluminum and feature a stunning bright-dip anodized black appearance. They've spent several years researching, testing, and retesting in order to create what they believe is the finest hose end available. They are a straight fit for Fragola's PTFE hose and eliminate leakage issues associated with other aftermarket racing hoses.

Fragola's 80,000-square-foot Connecticut facility operates 24 hours a day, machining high-quality goods with care and accuracy to meet their customers' needs. Their mission has been to provide high-quality products at the greatest possible price with 100% on-time delivery. They take pride in their businesses and work hard to be the best. All of their products (with the exception of forgings) are manufactured at their Southington, Connecticut, USA facilities. They are constantly refining their production processes, including the use of some automation, in order to stay on top of product demand and the rising cost of offshore competitors.


F.F. Screw Products began in 1973 as a work shop in a 1000 square foot structure with one employee. Within four years, it had grown to a full-time business employing ten people. In 1982, after years of manufacturing work shop components for numerous multinational corporations, they decided to create their own product and founded F-K Bearings. At the time, F.F. Screw Products and F.K. Bearing were housed in two distinct buildings totaling around 36,000 square feet. Fragola Performance Systems was founded in 1999 as a result of client inquiries regarding why they did not make fittings for the racing business. Fragola is currently located in an 80,000 square foot building with 35 employees, while their sister company, F.K. Bearings, occupies a separate 80,000 square foot building with 55 employees across the street.


The Fragola product range includes hose, hose ends, aluminum AN adapters, steel AN adapters, AN wrenches, caps, replacement clamps, thread tape, plugs, fire sleeves, car buretor kits, braid spreaders, and many more tools available.


The products of Fragola included in Vivid Racing are the black real street straight hose end socket for different types of vehicles, including ATVs and cars.