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Who is Front Runner? 

Front Runner was built out of a passion for vehicles that can be taken on extreme adventures. From then on, the team created and developed products that are way beyond average. All their products undergo intense research and outstanding manufacturing process. 

Top-Notch Facility 

Their manufacturing facility is located just outside Johannesburg, South Africa. And in that facility is where all the magic happens. They have laser cutting, bending, and powder coating equipment. Aside from that, they are using CAD to design their products. That means you can always expect precision. The Front Runner’s facility is ISO-9001: 2015 Certified. 

Products Perfect for Extreme Adventures 

Front Runner has several products that could withstand the test of time. They have roof racks, drawer systems, water tanks, awnings, tents, and other camping accessories. And just in case you still question their quality, take note that it is used by UN overlanders, NGO, and even extreme athletes. Now, how’s that for proof? 

Aims to Make Customers Happy 

At Front Runner, they always want their customers happy and more than satisfied. Before they purchase a product, they want them to be informed so that they can manage their expectations. 

Purchase Front Runner at Vivid Racing 

If you want to have an extreme adventure and never have to worry about your equipment, better check out what Front Runner has to offer. If they are trusted by well-known organizations, there’s no reason for you not to follow their footsteps. Get a glimpse of what the company has to offer here at Vivid Racing.