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About Global Parts Distributors LLC

Global Parts Distributors is a full-service, high-quality vehicle air conditioning distributor. The company headquarter is located in Macon, Georgia. They claim their air conditioning systems to be your simple A/C solution. The company started as an A/C installation and repair shop. They then expanded their operations in the early 2000s and started distributing the A/C parts for the automotive industry in the aftermarket. It is also named GPD. It has emerged as a dependable source for aftermarket A/C supply for automobiles over the past decade with various warehouses all across U.S.

Goal of Global Parts Distributors

The goal of the Global Parts Distributors is to provide its customers with the best services. They aim on providing the best AC services in the aftermarket at the best possible prices. The unparalleled customer service and customer support are also a part of their overall goals. The unwavering commitment to customers makes their products stand out in the aftermarket. They claim to provide OE standard products in terms of quality, manner, and performance.

Product line

The product line includes but is not limited to compressors, coolant temperature sensors, external and internal coolers, fittings, condensers, clutch assemblies, electrical control heads, electrical switches, engine management sensors, evaporators, expansion valves, and orifice tubes and radiators. They also deal in heavy-duty off-road A/C and heat exchange parts. A/C systems kits are also manufactured by GPD including compressor kits, system service kits as well as blower motor kits.

Global Parts Distributors-Vivid Racing

The company has surpassed many of its competitors in the A/C industry because of its unwavering commitment to providing high quality at the best prices. Their broad range of products includes various models of LLC A/C accumulator that is available on the Vivid Racing website. You can browse and find the products according to your needs. For more information, please visit the Vivid Racing website.