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Who is Grams Performance and Design

Grams Performance and Design is known for creating the most cutting edge racing product for the automotive industry. They have been in the business for decades and has developed high-performance fuel injection and air induction system for most European cars in the market.

Racing Heritage

Grams has always been active when it comes to motorsport racing. Their participation has helped various racing teams to win championships and has given the company important data that allows them to improve their product to become the best out there.

The company plans, designs, and manufactures its products in-house that allows them to maintain their high level of standard. They use the most advanced technology in creating their products. Using the latest computer simulation and modeling techniques, they are able to fine-tune their design even before they start actual product manufacturing. It is then subject to actual road testing in different streets and race tracks making sure that it would be able to withstand whatever extreme condition it is subjected to.

Purchase Grams Performance Products at Vivid Racing

With its grassroots deeply embedded in motorsport racing, you can be sure that whatever parts you get from Grams are built to perform. By using cutting-edge technology in their manufacturing processes, they have continuously provided their customers with innovative products that have lasted the test of time. The company offers parts such as fuel injectors, fuel system and its components, intakes, and other performance parts. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.