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Who is Hasport?

Hasport has become the leading producer of aftermarket performance engine mounts for Honda engines. They are widely known in the tuning world and has been synonymous with quality performance. 

Hasport became popular when engine swaps of newer engines to older chassis became the trend in the aftermarket automotive scene. Today, Hasport has been distributed and used all over the world and has been the go-to brand by enthusiasts everywhere.


All of Hasport mounts are designed specifically to accommodate the crazy engine swaps being made today. Their mounts are made to precision using advanced manufacturing processes. They use state-of-the-art CNC cutting machines and CAD software design. This allows Hasport to fine-tune their product, resulting in mounts that looks like it was created from the factory.

Built to Perform

Hasport ensures that the mounts they make are durable and safe to use. The company uses high-quality aluminum as its raw material. Because of this, they were able to create superior products that are unmatched by its competitors.

Made in The USA

To ensure that the company maintains its high-quality standard, all their mounts are manufactured 100% in the USA. This allows the company to control its manufacturing process, ensuring that all its products come out perfectly every time.

Purchase Hasport Performance Mounts from Vivid Racing

Whether you want to transplant a K20 engine to your EG chassis, or you just want an upgrade on your engine mount, then Hasport is the brand for you. Proven to give you a product that performs well, Hasport is a company that you could put your trust into. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their specific list suitable for your needs.