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Who is Hays?

Hays is an aftermarket company that is known for manufacturing high-quality drivetrain parts for the automotive industry. They are known for developing high-performance pressure plates, flywheels, balance plates, lightweight flexplates, clutch discs, kits, and other related accessories. Today, they are considered as one of the leading brands in their market segment.

It’s All In The Details

All Hays products are carefully manufactured by paying attention to the smallest detail. It is to ensure that all their products maintain their consistent value and quality. Each product is manufactured from top-grade materials, enabling them to create high-performance and efficient products for decades.

Manufactured In The USA

All their products are manufactured to fit perfectly on the vehicle. It is designed both for street and strip use and is best known for its product’s dependability and durability. Each component is made in the USA. It allows them to maintain and control the quality of their products that helps them meet the demand of their customers.

The company does its best to provide the best possible solutions for your needs. Hays products are made with expert care and created by professionals to meet all your requirements. Using their decades of experience, the company can produce superior products unmatched by its competitors.

Purchase Hays Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality drivetrain and clutch components, then look no further as Hays is the brand for you. To know more about Hays and what they offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.