Wheel Blowout Sale


Heritage Wheels is one of the fastest growing automotive firms in the United States, designing and manufacturing a diverse variety of vehicle-specific wheels. Whether you own an extreme truck that requires an aggressive stance or a daily driver, Heritage Wheels has the perfect set of wheels for you. Heritage Wheels are the result of an extensive research and development process, resulting in durable and robust wheels. Each Heritage custom wheel undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure it adheres to the company's style, design, and performance specifications. Every finish you choose, whether classic silver or stunning sakura pink, will always stand out. Heritage Wheels are manufactured to suit your vehicle perfectly, combining cutting-edge technology and years of experience to deliver unmatched elegance and quality.


The popularity and awareness of Heritage Wheels have increased rapidly over the years, making Heritage Wheels one of the fastest growing wheel manufacturers. When a new set of Heritage Wheels is designed, it is computer-aided to ensure that it conforms to the vehicle's requirements, dimensions, and bolt pattern. Once all measurements have been calibrated, the wheel is ready to be assembled. Following completion of the initial stage of construction, the wheels are trimmed and inspected for faults. Heritage Wheels offers a collection of affordable wheels in a number of styles and sizes, ranging from 15 to 24 inches in diameter. Their selection of wheels includes concave, directional, and many more.

Custom finishes like blood red, midnight black, trophy gold, and arctic white are also available for Heritage Wheels. Customers can create their own legacy through Heritage Customs. A Heritage Customs Defender is the peak of each client's personality. Whatever inspires customers, the Heritage Customs team will incorporate their demands into a vehicle that reflects their vision and taste, whether it is a small detail or a major gesture.


The product line of Heritage Wheels includes a wide range of different styles of wheels such as multi-spoke wheels, five-spoke wheels, seven-spoke wheels, standard wheels, concave wheels, cast wheels, and directional wheels that are available in dark gunmetal grey, sakura pink, classic silver, and white finishes.


The Heritage Wheels products included in Vivid Racing are available in different sizes and models, such as the mono-c wheel, nasu wheel, kanjo wheel, nikko wheel, odaiba wheel, okayama wheel, ring wheel, spa wheel, suzuka wheel, and many more.