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About Hot Rods

Hot Rods has risen to the top of the industry for almost 30 years as a result of their unwavering dedication to the development of high-performance engine parts for ATVs and motorcycles. Hot Rods has created six long-stroke applications for all-terrain vehicles: ATVs, PWC, and Snowmobiles.

The Evolution of Hot Rods

The founder of Hot Rods began this start up at a young age, spending his formative years in the garage with his father after school, turning wrenches and learning the trade. Over several nights, the two of them discussed and debated every element of building a crate engine. Over time, he became familiar with each and every component of the engine, as well as the functions of each component, how they connected with the rest of the engine, and what modifications might be made to each component to increase overall performance. There was a discussion about how to repair each component, and most importantly, about how to get the engine to operate at its maximum speed while still operating smoothly.

With time, the founder's efforts resulted in getting behind the wheel of a drag car. He and his father were now spending their evenings at the track, racing vehicles, and putting wrenches to work on the ultimate race car they were building. The founder's time spent at the track only served to increase his enthusiasm for the sector. Thirty years later, that deep-seated desire to build high-performance crate engines turned into a full-time job.

Vision of Hot Rods

It all started with a vision of success and a seemingly simple notion to set them apart from the competitors and it has only grown from there. Hot Rods produces the highest-quality product possible, and in order to do so, they guarantee to know the skills of every facet manufacturer in the business. Following the completion of the research phase, the long hours, arduous labor, and sacrifice began. Hot Rods now offer custom 383 Stroker, 350 Small Blocks, and LS Series engines in addition to their standard engines. From their humble beginnings as a "one-man show," they have worked tirelessly to build a successful company.

Hot Rods Expertise and Products

At the Hot Rods Company, they take great satisfaction in supplying their clients with precision-built, turnkey crate engines that are ready to go. Their engines are custom designed to clients' requirements, assembled in the United States using only the best quality parts available, then measured and tested to guarantee that every engine is flawless. Hot Rods do not merely take components out of a box and put them together. Every component is thoroughly measured before being assembled to ensure that they are flawless before starting any assembly. Later, they adjust the relevant clearances to ensure that they are exactly what the customer has asked for the engine. All of their engines are blueprinted and tested on the 902 Super Flow Dyno, which gives a very accurate picture of what the engine does.

Vivid Racing-Hot Rods

Vivid Racing offers a wide range of high-quality Hot Rod products, including stroker bottom kits in a variety of models, water pump shafts and repairs, transmission bearings, crankshafts, and much more.