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Who is Howards Cams?

Howards Cams is an aftermarket company that Howards Johansen founded in 1945. It started as Howards Power & Racing Equipment and specialized in manufacturing high-performance racing cams for the automotive market. Even after turning the business over their oldest son, the company remained one of the best cam manufacturers in the industry.

Maximizing Their Racing Experience

The company has always used it is on-track experience to create powerful cam profile designs. It is why they have become one of the favorite brands of many top fuel dragster racers and drivers from other racing disciplines such as road racing, mudd bogging, marine racing, and circle track racing.

Advanced Manufacturing Technique

Howards Cams uses the most advanced computer design software to create the most competitive product out there. They offer a wide range of performance parts from camshafts, connecting rods, crankshafts, billet main caps, and forged pistons. All of these are made in the USA to ensure consistent quality.

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If you are in the market for high-performance parts for your engine, then look no further as Howard Cams is the brand for you. They have all the parts you need to create a fast machine and is trusted by many racers and enthusiast worldwide. If being on the top podium is your dream, then upgrade your engine with Howard Cams parts. 

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