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CH Wheat, a dirt track racer, was the inspiration behind the creation of IMS Products in 1976. It was CH's goal to use his racing experience to start a company that would make high-performance off-road equipment, as well as other accessories. A need for novel items such as larger-capacity gasoline tanks, high-quality footpegs, and more robust shift levers was identified by CH. These were all things that were desperately required, but no one was addressing the needs of the off-road motorcycle riders who were looking for them. Hence, CH Wheat took this as an opportunity to provide motorbike riders with the tools they are looking for.

History of IMS

With humble beginnings in a small shop in Southern California, the heartland of the motorcycle industry, IMS began making tough, yet simple-to-use off-road components for the off-road enthusiast community. Early results were small because IMS spread mostly by word of mouth, but by the early 1980s, the company had built a group of bike enthusiasts who were very loyal customers.

As the years went by, off-road racer Scott Wright joined CH Wheat in 1995, and the company grew from there. IMS made its products available to both small and big distributors all over the world, which led to a big rise in sales. Racers are the lifeblood of new product demand and input, and Wright knew this because he was a racer himself. This led him to sponsor racers around the world, which brought recognition to his company.


Between 1995 and 2000, the company saw a lot of growth thanks to new, unique products and marketing ideas. With the introduction of their Quick Fill system, IMS quickly became the company that made the best fuel tanks. The system quickly became a favorite among racers. Another hit was the IMS series of footpegs, which were wider, stronger, and sturdier than the ones in the local market. IMS makes fuel tanks, footpegs, shift levers, bike parts, oil lines, disk fins, fittings, and coolant recovery tanks for well-known motorcycle brands.


Vivid Racing includes a wide collection of IMS products, from fuel tank accessories, shift lever tools, and foot pegs for Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha motorcycles.