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K & L Supply Co., Inc. manufactures and sells specialized tools, shop equipment, and hard parts to power sports dealers in the United States and internationally. As a wholesale distributor, they do not sell directly to the public. Hence, Vivid Racing includes K&L products for direct customers. Since 1968, they have been an industry leader, with their headquarters in Santa Clara, California. With over 8,000 items on hand, their dedication to the automotive industry is stronger than ever. They are always coming up with new tools to help them service the next generation of motorcycles, quads, and sleds.


In 1968, founder Joseph Lee opened K&L Supply as a tiny motorcycle service and repair store in the centre of Santa Clara, California. As the power sports business grew, K &L Supply progressively shifted its focus to become a parts store in order to meet the growing need for motorcycle parts. By the 1990s, K&L Supply had shifted its focus to the equipment side of the business, offering tire changers, balancers, and lifts. Because of this, K&L Supply has been able to expand its services beyond the power sports business and into the automotive industry through a partnership with Honda. It has also added logistics and manufacturing to meet the needs of its customers.


K&L has supported Honda for many years and has built a reputation for providing excellent customer service, timely cost quotes, order fulfilments, and shipment information, all while retaining a competitive edge. In addition, K&L is the original equipment tool supplier to all Yamaha Marine, motorsports, and golf car dealers located throughout the United States. K&L has worked with Yamaha's marine division for the last 25 years to buy and make a wide range of marine-related supplies and equipment.


Vivid Racing includes a wide collection of K&L automotive products, including brake components, electrical components, safety parts, electrical components, suspension parts, and equipment.