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Lesjofors manufactures a comprehensive range of springs for the European passenger car and light commercial vehicle markets, focusing on product quality, professional service, and availability. Lesjofors has been making springs for over 160 years and now manufactures the world's largest assortment of coil springs for the automobile aftermarket. They are proud of their position as the European market leader in the coil spring-free suspension aftermarket.


Lesjofors began as an iron mill in 1675, just a few hundred meters from the location of the contemporary factory. In 1849, the company began manufacturing wire and wire rope, and three years later, the company invented and manufactured the first coil spring.

Lesjofors began rapidly developing in the mid-1930s, both organically and through acquisitions, and was acquired in 1989 by industrial investment group Beijer Alma AB. Since then, growth has continued, and Lesjofors is now one of the world's largest and most versatile spring manufacturers.


Lesjofors automotive clients are parts wholesalers and distributors who offer aftermarket components throughout Europe and the world. Lesjofors' idea is to manufacture a comprehensive line of springs that are stocked for global distribution. For inventory purposes, all slow-moving products are manufactured once a year.

Lesjoforshas distribution centers in Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and the United States, with a coil spring inventory of over 1.5 million springs. This provides a high level of availability, rapid delivery, and minimal distribution costs. Lesjofors' speedy, flexible, and dependable delivery enables customers to increase their profitability.


Manufacturing and development take place at Sweden's contemporary, state-of-the-art plants. Lesjoforscoil springs are cold-coiled on computerized automated (CNC) machines from high-quality spring steel. This maintains a consistent high standard of quality throughout the range.


Prior to shipping, all springs are inspected for quality. Lesjoforsis is certified to ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 for both quality and environmental management. Additionally, Lesjofors possesses an EAC certificate of conformity, which is essential for entry into the Russian market.

Lesjofors goods are of the same high quality as those used by vehicle manufacturers and can thus be used without limitation by authorised repair workshops. To demonstrate Lesjofors' confidence in the quality of their products, all parallel wire coil springs come with a three-year warranty and two-year warranty on tapered wire coil springs.


Lesjofors places a premium on service, flexibility, and availability, and utilizes a variety of EDI technologies to streamline customer inquiries and order administration. Lesjofors also offers TecDoc, MAM/Autocat, and parts in addition to customised solutions. You can also purchase Lesjofors products on our website.