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Who is McGard?

McGard is a company wherein its history started with L.D. McCauley, Inc., and began the business in Buffalo in 1959.

The company specializes in manufacturing precision machining for government contracts to the military and NASA. In the early 1960’s, they designed and patented a security nut that prevents the theft of automobile rims.

From then on, the company focused on manufacturing wheel locks, and McGard was born. Today, they are considered the leading experts for high-quality wheel locks in the market.

Manufacturers Brand Of Choice

In the early 70s, the demand for their products continued to grow. They began supplying Original Equipment Manufacturers products to big automotive brands such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Chrysler.

Not Your Typical Automotive Product

Their locks are also used in other industries such as marine and oil and gas. It was used to secure oil and gas storage tanks, meters, and valuable high-pressure valve assemblies known as “Christmas Trees.” McGard also offers products to secure boat propellers, outboard motors, stern drive units, and trailer wheels.

Purchase McGard Products At Vivid Racing

If you are looking for products to help secure your prized possession, then look no further, as McGard is here to help you. They have multiple facilities located worldwide to accommodate the demands of their customers wherever they are. McGard is also proud to be ISO/TS 16949 certified, which guarantees that you will only get the best products from them.

To know more about McGard, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.