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Who Is Meisterschaft?

Meisterschaft is globally recognized for being the superior brand of exhaust products for premium European and exotic vehicles. Meisterschaft exhaust systems hold true to their brand name which means “Championship.” They are made for car enthusiasts that demand nothing but the best for their vehicles when it comes to quality, performance, sound, customizations, and superior satisfaction, especially from aftermarket exhaust purchases.

Birth of Meisterschaft

Meisterschaft is the result of GTHAUS’ bold objective to create one exhaust product superior to all others. It’s safe to say they succeeded, as Meisterschaft exhausts took the automotive industry by storm with the most unique sound ever heard. Meisterschaft is the masterpiece of exhaust systems and boasts a background of more than 10 years in development. Worldwide partners contributed to the experience, know-how, insight, premium quality, and impeccable designs that can be found within the Meisterschaft brand. GTHAUS harnessed the power of quality engineering to facilitate the best sounding and performing exhaust systems out there. To put it simply, there is nothing quite like it on the market and, arguably, nothing better. 

Why Choose Meisterschaft?

In the world of aftermarket exhaust systems, Meisterschaft by GTHaus sits near the pinnacle of incredible-sounding exhaust systems. Countless hours of R&D pave the way to achieve the perfect pitch from each vehicle and application. The result is an exhaust that is well-tuned and delivers an aggressive and exotic note.

For European performance cars, Meisterschaft has long been one of the most popular options on the aftermarket, and for good reason. Performance, quality, and design are at the heart of every Meisterschaft exhaust, just like any other championship-level product. From its high polish exterior finish to the splendid hand welds, Meisterschaft exhausts look just as beautiful as they sound.

The brand offers street exhaust and race exhaust systems with different sound levels. For those that want adjustability, Meisterschaft offers GTC valve-controlled exhausts. All Meisterschaft exhausts are available in titanium and stainless-steel construction. They can either have round dual or quad tips; some even feature a triple tip. No matter what options you choose, each one spotlights Meisterschaft’s signature vertical blade in the exhaust tip. 

Upgrade to Meisterschaft at Vivid Racing

Each Meisterschaft exhaust system undergoes a series of rigorous inspections to assure the highest quality possible. With a Meisterschaft exhaust system, not only will you be maximizing your vehicle’s power gains but always reducing weight over the OEM system. Meisterschaft exhausts have the looks, sound, and performance you need; quite honestly, it’s at the top of the list when it comes to triple threats.

Vivid Racing carries a wide range of Meisterschaft performance products, including test pipes, catbacks, downpipes, complete exhaust kits, mufflers, exhaust tips, mid-pipes, Y-pipes, and much more! If you have any questions regarding the items listed above or have fitment concerns, please contact Vivid Racing’s expert parts team at (480) 966-3040.