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Who is NOS?

Nitrous Oxide System better known as NOS was founded back in the 1970s, at the time when racers demanded more horsepower from their vehicles. During its initial years, the company spent the majority of its resources demonstrating that nitrous oxide was an efficient and safe form of performance adder. Soon after, different enthusiasts started appreciating the use of NOS, and has become the go-to product by the majority. Today, they have become the leader when it comes to nitrous oxide, and it's a brand recognized why everyone worldwide.

From One Industry to Another

NOS has revolutionized the way vehicles are modified. Prior to the use of nitrous oxide in vehicles, it is used as a performance enhancement for World War II allied aircraft to boost the airspeed and altitude of the airplanes that allow allied forces to have the advantage over their enemies. Fast forward a few decades later, NOS applied the same principle which now allows racers to have that competitive edge against its competitors.

Bolt-on Products

NOS has created a product that is easy to install. It can be used for different applications which made it a crowd favorite for those who seek instant hp. 

Purchase NOS at Vivid Racing

If you are in search of a nitrous oxide system that will greatly enhance your vehicle's performance, then NOS is the right brand for you. They are the pioneers when it comes to nitrous systems. With years of experience in the automotive business, they are able to create and perfect the products that made them the number one brand when it comes to nitrous oxide systems. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific needs.