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Who is Pacbrake?

Pacbrake is a company that was founded in 1961. Pacbrake is known for developing new engine brake technology for Diesel, Caterpillar, and Cummins engines. They were the first company to patent a combination engine brake that utilizes an exhaust valve, which revolutionized how air brakes are made. Today, Pacbrake is the largest North American exhaust brake manufacturer.

Air Brake Experts

They supply valves and other air brake-related products to the automotive and other industries, including the US Military. It is a testament to the quality of products the company makes. It is possible through their extensive effort to find new and innovative ways to develop their product.

With 50 years under their belt, they have consistently provided quality braking products that many truck drivers trusts.

Continuous Innovation

Even up to this day, Pacbrake never stops revolutionizing the air brake industry. They are the first company to provide a hot EGR valve to Navistar and develop the first aftermarket engine brake for Cummins™ ISB engine. The company is now a supplier for over 20 OEMs and is connected to 3,000 VOEM truck dealers, engine company dealers across the globe.

Purchase Pacbrake Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for a reliable air brake system for your truck, then Pacbrake has the right parts for you. Pacbrake also produces state-of-the-art air management systems & performance parts for the aftermarket crowd. Each product is made at OEM grade, with ISO-certified management systems, and undergoes rigorous testing.

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