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What Is Painless Wiring?

Are you tired of all the messy wirings in your vehicle? Or are you having a tough time troubleshooting your wires because it is unorganized? Worry no more as there is now an easy way to help you organize your wiring harness and give it a clean OEM look without having to break your bank.

Painless Wiring is an American brand company that has been in the aftermarket business for more than 30 years. Founded in 1990, they specialize in producing high-quality wiring harness for every vehicle make and model and also offer custom universal harnesses for custom builds and engine swaps. Today, they have become the leading brand when it comes to aftermarket wiring harnesses and is chosen by many vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.

Easy to Install

As their name implies, the company does not just make wiring, they make painless wiring. Their products come with all the hardware needed to complete the install. It includes a comprehensive manual that instructs the installation in detail. Wiring a vehicle before was a painful and stressful job, but thanks to Painless Wiring, they were able to solve this dilemma and helped a lot of enthusiasts continue their build. Many enthusiasts hate wiring their vehicle because it is a tedious task, but with painless wiring, you can now properly wire your vehicle and eliminate those unsightly hanging wires.

Organized and Clean

Painless Wiring offers products that allow vehicle owners to cleanly organize their wiring harness. This makes it aesthetically pleasing and safe. It also prevents any short circuits that might lead to a fire breakout.

Purchase Painless Wiring at Vivid Racing

Fixing a vehicle’s wiring harness could be a daunting job but not anymore with Painless Wiring. Remove all those mismatched and unsafe wires and upgrade to a better wiring harness. Painless has been doing wires for decades and has been trusted by many custom builders everywhere. To know more about Painless Wiring and what they can offer visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of products that would suit your specific needs.