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About Proform

PROFORM Parts (Specialty Auto Parts of America, Inc.) is a market leader in the high-performance automotive aftermarket, developing, and manufacturing innovative products based on innovative principles. Proform was established in 1983 and its headquarters are located in Warren, Michigan. Their mission is to supply performance enthusiasts with innovative, high quality, and affordable tools, maximizing the customer's value. For over 30 years, Proform has been bringing innovation, quality, and affordability to enthusiasts for over 30 years, with dozens of patents, thousands of SKUs, and millions of delighted consumers. Each Proform component is engineered to maximize performance, value, and style.

Proform Innovation

PROFORM owns the trademarks for dozens of components and product designs and is constantly developing new products as well as expanding and improving their existing product offerings. They were the first to make affordable, non-remanufactured car parts and accessories widely available and were the first to offer the two-piece timing chain cover, the two-stage in-line fuel filter, HEI distributor tune-up kits, and direct-replacement carburetor main bodies. Furthermore, they were the first to popularize GM Officially Licensed parts with the popular Chevrolet, Bow Tie, and other divisional trademarks, as well as Ford Performance Licensed products with the Ford (sold under the PROFORM Factory Performance Parts designation).

Proform Quality

Proform offers unique tools, alternators, stock harmonic balancers, and distributors; a line of roller-tipped rocker arms with the widest selection of manufacturing processes (stamped steel, cast chrome moly, and machined extruded aluminum); and a complete line of popular and easy-to-use engine builders' tools made to intricate specifications.


Proform Parts are engineered to deliver the optimal balance of high quality and economic price value. These prices are the consequence of a skilled and efficient global manufacturing process, not of cost cutting. The experienced management team, product designers, engineers, and manufacturing employees work to service their customers while identifying issues to add value and meeting the demands of the enthusiast with high-quality, low-cost parts.

Proform is the factory source for Licensed Chevrolet Performance Engine Dress Parts, Licensed Ford Performance Products, carburetors, HEI distributors, electric water pumps, electric fans, engine components, and street performance equipment.

Proform Manufactures

Over 1000 engine performance components, including carburetors, rocker arms, HEI distributors, parts for GM, Ford, and Mopar, carburetors, and tools, are manufactured by this company.

Proform's components range from steel or aluminum rollers, wire alternators, wrenches, circuit testers, rotating electrical wires, building tools, starters, vehicle scales, and radiators.

Watch how Proform components are manufactured under high standards of quality.