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What Is PRP Seats?

Not all companies start with very high capital or huge resources. Some are built with dreams and passion which are often better ingredients in creating a successful company. PRP Seats is one of these companies.

PRP Seats started its humble beginnings in a small garage owned by its founder, Aaron Wedeking. The company specializes in creating suspension seats usually used by offroad vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles. Everybody who has gone off roading understands the stress you have to endure when you drive over various terrains and obstacles. Offroading presents a tougher driving terrain; hence the company’s founder noticed the need for good quality comfortable seats. He realized that you do not need to suffer to enjoy the thrills and adventure the great outdoors has to offer.

Today, the company is composed of more than 40 employees and has become a leader in the seat industry, challenging bigger and other mainstream brands in the market.

Offroading Lifestyle

In today’s fast-paced world, people tend to seek for ways to relax and ease out during the weekends. Offroading gives these people a chance to unwind and de-stress themselves from the weeklong toxic environment. That is why PRP Seats ensures that they help these enthusiasts have a great experience during their offroading trip. They give them products that function well  while still being comfortable. This guarantees that you will have an amazing offroad experience.  

Not Just a Seat Company

The company started itself as a seat manufacturer, but as time progresses so is the company. Today, they offer a wider range of products for a more diverse vehicle platform. They now offer seat brackets, seatbelts, steering wheels, bumpers, tie-down straps and other offroading accessories. They have practically become a one-stop-shop for all of your offroading needs.

All their designs are created with comfort in mind but with their customer’s safety as top priority. Their products come in different colors either red, blue, pink, yellow, gray, green and black. Whatever preference you might have, PRP Seats has the right set of products for you

Purchase PRP Seats Seats at Vivid Racing

If you want to explore the great outdoors, make sure that your vehicle is well equipped with the right parts like PRP Seats. With their ever-popular suspension seats and other accessories in their listings, they definitely have you covered.

They are considered as one of the leading experts in the market segment and have established its name as one of the most popular brands in the offroading community. To know more about PRP Seats and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out the specific part that would fit your needs.