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Who is T1 Race Development?

T1 Race Development is an aftermarket performance company specializing in creating tuning parts, specifically for the Nissan R35 GTR. The company started back in 2005  and has since become the leader in the industry. Today, they have become the go-to brand by GTR owners worldwide when it comes to upgrading their vehicle. That’s not surprising considering the quality of their products, and the type of service they provide to their customers. 

Record Setter

The company has been developing some of the best performance parts in the market and has produced the fastest GTR in the world, setting records everywhere it participated. From Drag racing to 1-mile run events, the T1 Race Development built cars that have always been on top. This has been their edge, and we expect nothing less from them. 

From the Track onto the Street

With numerous race car builds under its belt, the company has collected vital information that helps them further improve their current products. This knowledge is then applied to all their parts, making it suitable not only for the track but provides you with an unmatched driving experience on the street as well. 

Quality Products

T1 Race Development designs and creates all their product using their in-house facility. This ensures that they would be able to consistently control the quality of their product. They also have their own testing facility that tests the functionality of the parts and helps the company determine what is needed to be improved. We have to say, their dedication to providing the best to their customers is just over the top. 

Purchase T1 Race Development Parts at Vivid Racing

Even in stock form, the Nissan GTR is already a high performing car, but this does not stop its owners from improving its performance. T1 Race Development is a company that can help you achieve it. They offer a wide range of engine parts and complete engine packages that would definitely help you bump up that horsepower. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of parts specifically for your needs.