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What is Radflo Suspension Technology?

Radflo Suspension Technology is a manufacturer of high-performance custom OE and universal length shock absorbers. It specializes in OE replacement applications, shock absorbers, and dampers for the car, truck, SUV, military, and motorsport industries. Radflo proudly builds its competition-grade suspension dampers and racing accessories in its corporate office/manufacturing facility in Southern California. As a supplier to the OEM, aftermarket, and some of the most successful racing teams out there, Radflo has the resources, knowledge, and experience to take your suspension to the next level. 

The extensive range of Radflo shock absorbers includes non-coilover, coilover, OE replacement, bypass, and air shocks. Radflo also offers hydraulic bump stops, steering dampers and the innovative Hydra-Jac. Professional drivers and race teams all around the globe rely on Radflo Suspension parts to provide them with championship-winning performance and reliability. All Radflo shocks are customer-rebuildable, serviceable and tunable, with do-it-yourself support only a phone call away. To this day, Radflo Suspension Technology remains true to its original vision: to provide racers and petrolheads with superior products and unrivaled support at the best possible price.

The Story Behind Radflo Suspension

Radflo Suspension Technology was started in the 1980s in South Africa by two brothers named Glenn and Warren Classen. Their vision was to build a superior and more efficient high-performance shock absorber for professional motorsports that would outlast the competition.

The Classen brothers were highly regarded for their skilled preparation and tuning of race suspensions, in addition to their knowledge of international business. In no time, the duo was prepared to release a selection of coilovers and shock absorbers for off-road racing applications. Before they knew it, Radflo’s reputation for efficacy and versatility quickly transcended the motorsport industry. 

Widespread Demand for Quality Suspension

In 1994, the South African Defense Force turned to Radflo Suspension when it needed a dependable steering damper for its infamous Ratel, a huge 19-ton infantry fighting machine. This led to other industrial projects, including specialized damping units for the mining industry.

Through focusing their know-how on custom valving solutions, the brothers quickly established Radflo shock absorbers as the performance benchmark for all competition series. Off-road trucks, buggies, production cars, open-wheel Formula racers, and even motorcycles were winning races with Radflo shocks. The world's top automakers were also paying attention to the brothers’ success, as Nissan chose to equip its support vehicles with Radflo shocks for the trans-Africa Dakar Rally in 2003 and 2004. 

Upgrade to Radflo Suspension Today

Radflo customers all around the globe have used its performance shocks to achieve success in virtually all applications. This is because Radflo has a suspension solution for nearly every vehicle out there, including motorcycles, drag racers, street rods, trophy trucks, and even open-wheel race cars.

Vivid Racing is proud to carry an extensive lineup of suspension parts from Radflo, including axles, bushings, coilovers, hand tools, and shocks. If you have any questions regarding the products listed above, please do not hesitate to call our expert sales team at (480) 966-3040.