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Ricks Motorsport Electrics has a complete line of motorsport charging, car starting systems and electrically igniting parts to offer for ATV/Off-Road, snowmobiles, watercraft, and Asian and European street bikes. Along with that it also has CDI boxes both of OEM style and Hotshot series aftermarket replacement. The CDI boxes can be tested by swapping it out with another good unit from a similar year/make/model.


The venture started in the late 1970s as a small motorcycle salvage & repair business. Currently, it has become an adept and well-reputed brand name in the Motorsport world. The parts developed by the company are desired by motorcycle devotees. The major role in the success of the brand comes from its knowledge and expertise in the motorsport industry. The brand endeavor to stay on top of industry trends and are constantly adding new products to their line.


The company provides products that are high in quality and a cost-effective alternative option for an OE piece. All components are unique and built specifically to meet the OEM specification. The Hot Shot CDI box enables to rev 1000 RMP?s overstock. It also provides direct plug-in, bolt-on pieces whenever it is possible. The brand recognizes the occasional universal part to fit motor vehicle machines. Rick's Motorsport Electrics also offers a one-year part replacement warranty on all motorsport parts, excluding CDI boxes. In the case of the CDI box, there is a possibility of its box going out due to various factors because of which it's the only product that is sold by the company without a warranty.


The product of Ricks available at Vivid Racing includes the Ricks CDI Box Hot Shot Series ATC110/125/200 1984-1985 which fits Honda ATV ATC110 1984-1985, Honda ATV ATC125M 1984-1985, Honda ATV ATC200M 1984-1985, and Honda ATV ATC200S 1984-1985.